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About StainsFile

Who We Are

StainsFile is an online resource for researchers and histopathologists looking to visualize their cells. From the theory and basics of cell staining to protocols for building an end-to-end workflow for staining experiments, StainsFile covers tissue processing, reagent preparation, staining, and post-staining treatments to support proper visualization of cells and cell structures.

Our Founder

StainsFile was originally created by Bryan D. Llewellyn, a biomedical scientist who supervised the Histopathology Laboratory at Prince George Hospital in the Northern Interior of British Columbia, Canada, for 26 years. Bryan was fascinated by understanding why dyes stain tissues, and how the process can be controlled. As he studied the subject, he often had difficulty finding an explanation of why a particular procedure worked. It was this scarcity of information that motivated Bryan to launch the original StainsFile website. He continued to add to the site for many years, ultimately amassing hundreds of protocols and reference pages for scientists performing histopathological techniques. Bryan retired in Ladysmith, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island.


Bryan D. Llewellyn

Bryan D. Llewellyn

About STEMCELL Technologies

STEMCELL Technologies is a biotechnology company based out of Vancouver, Canada that provides specialized cell culture media, cell separation tools, instruments, and accessory products to the global biomedical research field. As a company of Scientists Helping Scientists, STEMCELL is committed to supporting technical expertise and scientific knowledge by offering valuable educational resources, scientific training, and science communication platforms to the scientific community. Impressed and inspired by Bryan Llewellyn’s vision for StainsFile and the wealth of information he had curated, STEMCELL acquired StainsFile in 2018. STEMCELL re-launched StainsFile with a new, updated look and feel in 2023, and continues to add new information to the site regularly. For more information about STEMCELL Technologies, please visit