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Anthracene Blue SWR

Anthracene Blue SWR

Ionisation: Acid

Chemical structure of Anthracene Blue SWR

Common Name: Anthracene blue SWR
Suggested Name: Anthracene blue SWR
Other Names:

Alizarin blue 2RC

C.I. Number: 58605
C.I. Name: Mordant blue 32
Solubility Aqueous: Poor
Solubility Ethanol: Poor
Absorption Maximum:
Empirical Formula: C14H8O8
Formula Weight: 304.2


This dye has been recommended as a hematoxylin substitute in H&E staining. Note that the name alizarin blue, without the 2RC, is applied to another dye, CI 67410. In addition, it should not be confused with anthracene blue SWX, which is a related dye.


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