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Luxol Fast Blue MBS

Luxol Fast Blue MBS


Chemical structure of Luxol Fast Blue MBS

Common Name: Luxol fast blue
Suggested Name: Luxol fast blue MBS
Other Names:

C.I. Number: 74180
C.I. Name: Solvent blue 38
Color: Blue
Solubility Aqueous: Slight
Solubility Ethanol: Slight
Absorption Maximum: 666 (Aldrich)
Empirical Formula:
Formula Weight:


Luxol fast blue is described as being a diarylguanidine salt of a sulfonated copper phthalocyanine by Conn in the 8th ed. The formula is from the 10th ed, the diarylguanidine being on the right. The dye is soluble in alcohols and phospholipids, which may explain how it demonstrates myelin.

Compare the formula with other phthalocyanines.


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