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Phloxine B

Phloxine B

Class: Fluorone
Ionisation: Acid

Chemical structure of Phloxine B

Common Name: Phloxine
Suggested Name: Phloxine B
Other Names:

C.I. Number: 45410
C.I. Name: Acid red 92
Color: Red
Solubility Aqueous: 10%
Solubility Ethanol: 10%
Absorption Maximum: 546-548 (Conn) 548, 410 (Aldrich) 535 (Gurr)
Empirical Formula: C20H2Br4Cl4Na2
Formula Weight: 829.7


Phloxine B can be substituted for Eosin Y ws. It is used in the hematoxylin phloxine saffron (HPS) stain, stains paneth cell granules in Lendrum's phloxine-tartrazine method, and can be used to demonstrate alcoholic hyaline.

Compare the structural formula of some eosin homologues.


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