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Bismarck Brown Y

Bismarck Brown Y

Class: Azo
Ionisation: Basic

Chemical structure of Bismarck Brown Y

Common Name: Bismarck brown
Suggested Name: Bismarck brown Y
Other Names:

Manchester brown Phenylene brown

C.I. Number: 21000
C.I. Name: Basic brown 1
Color: Brown
Solubility Aqueous: 1.36%
Solubility Ethanol: 1.36%
Absorption Maximum: 463 (Conn), 457 (Aldrich)
Empirical Formula: C18H20N8Cl2
Formula Weight: 419.336


More commonly used in the past than it is now, Bismarck brown Y is a metachromatic dye which stains acid mucins yellow. It is also a constituent of Papanicolaou's EA solutions, used for cervical, and other, smears.


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