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Congo Corinth G

Congo Corinth G

Class: Azo
Ionisation: Acid

Chemical structure of Congo Corinth G

Common Name: Erie garnet B
Suggested Name: Congo corinth
Other Names:

C.I. Number: 22145
C.I. Name: Direct red 10
Color: Red
Solubility Aqueous: Moderately
Solubility Ethanol: Moderately
Absorption Maximum: 527
Empirical Formula: C32H21N5O7S2Na2
Formula Weight: 697.7


Congo corinth G is one of the dyes in Geschickter's solution, with Azure A. This solution is used to stain frozen sections for rapid diagnosis. The sections look very similar to those stained by polychromed methylene blue. Its structure is very similar to Congo red, and has been used to demonstrate amyloid.


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