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Durazol Blue 4R

Durazol Blue 4R

Class: Azo
Ionisation: Acid

Chemical structure of Durazol Blue 4R

Common Name: Durazol blue
Suggested Name: Durazol blue 4R
Other Names:

Sirius supra blue F3R

C.I. Number:
C.I. Name:
Color: Blue
Solubility Aqueous: Very
Solubility Ethanol: Very
Absorption Maximum: 573 (Gurr)
Empirical Formula: C34H24N5O12S3Na3
Formula Weight: 860


A dye named durazol blue has been suggested as a replacement for methyl blue in Lendrum’s MSB. It is most likely to be this dye, durazol blue 4R. There is another dye named durazol blue 8G, but it is a copper phthalocyanine and is unlikely to be the dye meant. Unfortunately, the dye was not specifically identified and it is not clear what dye is meant.


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