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Light Green SF Yellowish

Light Green SF Yellowish

Ionisation: Acid

Chemical structure of Light Green SF Yellowish

Common Name: Light green
Suggested Name: Light green SF yellowish
Other Names:

Acid green Lissamine green SF

C.I. Number: 42095
C.I. Name: Acid green 5
Color: Green
Solubility Aqueous: 20%
Solubility Ethanol: 20%
Absorption Maximum: 630, 422 (Aldrich) 628 (Gurr) 629-634, 428 (Conn)
Empirical Formula: C37H34N2O9S3Na3
Formula Weight: 815.9


Light green is the standard dye in North America for staining collagen in contrast to acid fuchsin in Masson's trichrome. It is a component of Papanicolaou's EA series in conjunction with eosin Y and bismarck brown. It is also used extensively in plant histology. The dye's major drawback is that it fades. If it is important that fading be avoided, it may be replaced with Fast green FCF, a closely related, but more brilliant, green dye.

Light Green Homologue

The following three green dyes may all be used as the fibre stain in Masson type procedures. Light green SF yellowish is the most common, although fast green FCF is less likely to fade and is a more brilliant colour. Guinee green is occasionally suggested, but is prone to fading.


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