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Lissamine Flavine FF

Lissamine Flavine FF

Class: Ketonamine
Ionisation: Acid

Chemical structure of Lissamine Flavine FF

Common Name: Lissamine flavine
Suggested Name: Lissamine flavine FF
Other Names:

Brilliant acid yellow 8G Brilliant sulpho flavine FF Fenazo yellow XX

C.I. Number: 56205
C.I. Name: Acid yellow 7
Color: Greenish yellow
Solubility Aqueous: Soluble.
Solubility Ethanol: Soluble.
Absorption Maximum:
Empirical Formula: C19H11NNaO5S
Formula Weight: 388.35


This dye belongs to a class not usually used for staining tissue sections, ketoamines, consequently it may be difficult to obtain.

It was recommended by Lendrum and coworkers as the displacement dye in the yellowsolve I method for fibrin. It is used to displace phloxine B in a manner similar to the tartrazine in Lendrum's phloxine-tartrazine, from which the method is derived.


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